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Intelligence doesn't exist in a money dominated world let lone AI!

Since when has someone written a large complicated piece of software without bugs and security issues and where usability takes priority over other goals?

Sat Navs rely on accurate road data, with authorities updating lane closures, classifying roads correctly (changes in one way traffic routes, dirt tracks being labelled as main roads etc) on time without several hours delay, not to mention temporary speed limit changes. This hasn't happened yet.

Electronic car management computers need to make sure that throttles don't stick etc - they haven't managed that yet.

Machine learning relies on valid data to learn from, who is going to provide that when every data source (Twitter, face book, any database) is full of crap. Even good data sets have oddities. Algorithms often pick up on oddities and think they are the norm.

....and people want AI used in mission critical things like driving a car at 70mph, or 30 mph past a school?

I have 4 kids and I can't predict what they will do when the variable nature of their developing minds comes into contact with the variable nature of their friends, then add to that the wind blows their favourite ball into the road.

Quite how a non parent programmer with his eye on the clock and thoughts of a deadline will get his unpredictable buggy software, that controls and relies on intermittently faulty sensors, following an inaccurate and out of date map, which utilises a GPS system based upon radio signals that are prone to interference, to accurately predict and react to this situation is beyond me.

It is also beyond me as to why we want an empathetic lacking machine anywhere near children under these conditions. It's bad enough with a human at the wheel with the most intelligent, complicated and best machine that nature has ever created controlling him or her.

No, AI doesn't exist, and the fact we have people that make cars saying they can create it is absolutely stupid.

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