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Musk has taken over from Steve Jobs as the diety to be worshipped amongst the nerds.

I just happen to think that he has too many fingers in too many pies. Something is bound to pop and his empire could come crashing down.

That would be a shame as he has kicked a lot of ass amongst the old entrenched American Car makers and Tesla has made an impact for the good but with the BFR, Hyperloop, Tunnels and Solar, he really needs to concentrate on one Big Thing and make that really great.

But... even if he fails there will still be a lot of followers who will follow his every word as if it was from him upstairs.

Say anything negative about Tesla (even with justification) on a related forum and watch the hate come out. It is worse than the most hardened Apple fanboi.

Before the downvotes come flooding in, I have a Model 3 reservation and am looking forward to driving it sometime in 2019.

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