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Since when did the existence of a monetisation model provide any sort of warranty for fitness for purpose in the software industry ?

It's the single biggest thing wrong that was never fixed in this business. If your car has a defect and kills people as a result, the manufacturer is liable. If your software has a defect and kills people, well, there was no warranty for fitness for purpose and we don't accept liability. Thanks for the call. Byeeeee.

Or better yet: Sure we've been aware of this problem for some years. You can fix it by upgrading to a whole new set of defects for just $x,xxx.

By contrast:

I just had the airbag fixed in my Mazda 6 due to a manufacturing defect. The car is 13 years old and I am not even the original (as in "first") owner since I bought it pre-loved. I've never paid a dime to Mazda other than in the form of their service agent in NZ for servicing over the years I've owned the vehicle. Despite this, Mazda (the manufacturer, not the service agent) were able to contact me to inform me of the issue and arranged the fix at no cost to me. I doubt anybody thinks this is unusual or unexpected.

Imagine suggesting this sort of responsibility and liability for remediation rests with a software vendor.

I can hear the laughter now.

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