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I want to buy a phone outright (ie: not on contract) with as close a stock Android experience as possible that has decent specs and will be properly supported with updates etc. long term. Shenzen Generics are a better proposition in terms of cost and for a less bloated OS of course but I don't want a phone from a company from a country that is subject to laws that have caused the likes of

You have your point, but do keep the facts intact. Shenzen Generics phone you buy (should you buy) often come in at least two versions, one for china, one for international. Where the china version is the one subject to china laws (no google) while the other isn't. However neither one of them comes with less bloated OS, just like most Android-based device. Nokia here frankly is an exception (no bloat, stock Android, stock gapps, maybe some updates?, sd card, headphone jack).

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