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The days of the sub-£300 generic (like the 1+One) have gone down the plug'ole along with the value of the pound

Not for grey imports. Buy from a UK importer via Ebay, pay by Paypal using a credit card, and if it goes wrong you've got first recourse against the vendor; If they aren't around or won't help, you've got the Ebay and Paypal guarantees, if they won't cough up you can go to the credit card provider under Section 75. Buying from a UK vendor, you've got no import duty liability, and no long wait for delivery. The importer I bought from has been around for a while and promises they'll honour a one-year warranty, but you never know.

But, if despite all that it all goes shit shaped for me, and my lovely Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X goes titsup, and I can't get it resolved, or a refund, I've only ponied up less than £160.

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