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Warning: scientists

Warning: there is a mahoosive generalisation coming up.

Scientists of all disciplines suffer from being very smart, but generally focused on one single sphere of science. The combination of this extreme expertise in one sphere, and general smartness leads them to underestimate the complexity of tasks that are from other spheres - particularly coding (a scientist that can actually program is a rare thing).

Since the 90s, scientists of all spheres have had to write more and more code. Almost universally, they hate it - they know their field and model perfectly, so why won't the stupid computer do it? - and they resent that they need real developers to help them, and they are protective of the code they wrote, even when it is a pile of dung.

To these people, the "problem" of programming is just an extension of <some problem from their sphere>, and the "boring, rote work of programming" will be a solvable problem.

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