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almost nobody needs to know asm any more

The "IoT" hypefest has clearly passed you by. Try building one of those billions of those battery powered sensor nodes that the (near) futurists are predicting without a solid understanding of ARM M0-M4 ASM. You can do a lot of it in higher level languages like C of course, but you'll still need to visit the basement from time to time. Java? .NET? or (I'm about to lose a rib here) functional languages with stack busting recursion all over the shop? Hahahahaha.

AI *might* be able to start writing general purpose code reliably a few decades after it completely masters synthesizing SQL from natural language which is something it currently isn't even remotely close to achieving, despite the query space being precisely defined and constrained by the database metadata and decades of precursor work on QBE (Query by Example).

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