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I know it's meant to help any alien civ that finds it learn about us humans and all that. But how would such a record actually be played? I mean, if it was a "typical" LP, the receiving civ has to understand how mechanics, electrics and sound well enough to build a record player, and if they understand all that, they surely know enough about electricity and magnetism to know that there is a boatload of radio signal noise coming from a small blue dot over yonder? Those signals would have arrived well before the Voyager probe showed up.

There are instructions for decoding the record on the case, although expecting an alien race to be able to decipher them struck me as ambitious at best.

As for radio emissions I suspect you are thinking in terms of the wrong timescale: there is a small radioactive sample on board to allow the probe's age to be determined from its decay. It is designed to be readable for billions of years. I doubt we'll still be around, yet alone transmitting radio.

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