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Re: how is assembler outdated and by what?

Have they done a Intel and changed the mnemonics for some reason? or were they expecting to find the CPU had been upgraded in the meantime

Why don't they just say the assembler was not what their programmers were used to but the process of getting back to fundamentals was a rewarding challenge for them.

There is a awful lot to a complete assembly language than the bare instruction set: red tape directives, psuedoinstructions, how variables are referenced (and possibly typed), macros, even fundamentals such as comments and default (or even acceptable) bases.

None of these affect the CPU in the slightest but make a big difference to how assembly programming feels. Older niche architectures typically had very bare bones assemblers. Nowadays even an experimental research architecture can easily have a full featured assembler in a couple of hours using a assembler development kit, so yes I certainly recognise the outdated label.

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