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Time traveling script writing

If they boldly go where no writing team has gone before and produce an edgy Trek capable of attracting the top-shelf actors Tarantino often secures, thereby breaking out of the SciFi ghetto, it will be an achievement to rank with Mr Scot's time-travelling invention of transparent aluminium.

My first thought was, yeah, time traveling BACK in time, but that was quickly thrown away as inaccurate. See, there was a better time for movies. A time when Hollywood would not think about taking timeless classics, stuffing them in anyone's mouth who had a name, letting them chew on it, then serving up whatever got spit out.

It was "edgy" when Data said "oh, shit" as the Enterprise began its uncontrolled fall toward a planet. Even Counselor Troi's outfits pushed the limits (with nipples at least once.)

But F-bombs in Star Trek and all the touchy-feely dreck which has infected the franchise of late does not seem to have an edge to me. It seems like reaching low into the barrel of shock value to remain relevant when you already have something well before its time. This lacks edge, more like a blunt end. Perhaps SNL skits or Family Guy cut-aways, but not Star Trek cannon.

I also cannot buy into this "SciFi ghetto" thing, either. There is some "edgy" SciFi, at least for its day, out there, already, which never managed to "break out." Tarantino may be able to make something which falls under a sub-genre, his own corner of the SciFi universe, but to create SciFi which breaks out of SciFi is not SciFi.

If Tarantino gets the helm I will observe the way I have done with STD (snigger): catch bits and pieces on YouTube and see if anything piques my interest. Thus far, while I could mark it a little above average on story line, technology, and effects, it does not feel like Star Trek but more like its own stand-alone show.

inb4 "old fart" "cranky grampa" "out of touch" "unhip"

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