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My company is transitioning to this type of scheme at the moment. It used to be individual performance - so I had every incentive to work hard. Now, it's split, with the lion's share being business performance driven. And if the business part misses, NO bonus at all is paid. Not even the individual part.

In other words, I can work my butt off, but if the company misses its targets (that I had no say in setting and have no idea if are even realistic), then I get exactly as much as those who did no work at all during the year. Thus, I would then have no incentive to work hard the following year, because what's the point?. And if the bonus was paid, I would be getting a similar amount (only a small amount of individual weighting being the extra - assuming that my work is even recognised as it would have to fit into "goals") as those who don't bother to work hard. So again, I have little incentive to continue working hard. I might as well sit back and collect it regardless.

As an example of Socialism, it is quite good.

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