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Voyager 1 fires thrusters last used in 1980 – and they worked!



Really?? Who uses THAT old shit? That's unreadable, unmaintainable, and not NEARLY the correct monthly flavor.

They should have used Java. Programmers are much more common, and so what if it's big and slow? That's what the swap area is for. But it's READABLE. MAINTAINABLE. And when it throws a traceback error, you know exactly where the problem is. Or use Docker and multi-thread it, so that one process does not kill the entire machine.

Besides, you have the Java/Docker automatic update feature, so you can make sure not bugs appear in the supporting language. Jeesh, it's like you guys never learned anything from a guy at home sitting in his underwear who knows much more than the PhDs that have supported this over the decodes.

Assembly? Sheesh, it's like you're LOOKING for an excuse to stay employed.

I suppose NEXT you'll tell me it's untouchable, so in a pinch I can't attach an RS-232 adapter for emergency debugging. Just what kind of supposed Microsoft graduate engineers ARE you, anyway?

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