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Same here. My company set a policy last year that said they were only doing raises every 2 years. They know engineers will leave for more pay so they try to get in front of that and guilt trip you with a few brown nosing engineers who have their back and agree with them on how you should not leave for more money. I made a comment in front of a group of Engineers and management and told them, "Look, that's fine and all. But remember that Engineers are not the type of a person who can easily ask for the business. If we were, we would be selling the equipment and making all the commission." With that said, nearly all of us spend our weeks ignoring recruiter after recruiter on Linkedin. I reminded everyone in the room that while the company is only willing to increases wages every 2 years per their new policy, my understanding of economics is that inflation is constant. If you go a year without a wage increase, you are actually experiencing a wage decrease. That was my rebuttal to the guilt trip. I'm probably labeled as the problem child. At the end of the day, as a non-profit sharing employee, I know I am considered top talent.....and it is not my job to retain myself at the company to ensure highest profittability.

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