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People coming up with outlandish theories and accusations without any proof about how anyone is being spied upon is what makes the intel community go around as well as laugh. It only takes someone to sit back and think about things for 10 minutes to see some of the idiocy, because far too many people don't think about anything for 10 seconds and/or just repeat something they've heard.

What does shock me, is the amount of people who unleash hate on governments which change every 4-10 years who must answer to their people in one form or another. In the same breath they protect and talk up governments which are tyrannical, toss people in jail for saying the wrong thing, are far more corrupt the any government in the west, and the government stays the same for years and years.

If we in INFOSEC, have so many people who think off the cuff without stepping back to think things through, then there will be a lot of organizations who spend far too much money on things and will be a lot more vulnerable than need be.

Only in Hollywood, do hackers and security defenders come up with solutions in a second. Only in Hollywood do all solutions come exactly when they need to.

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