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UK government bans all Russian anti-virus software from Secret-rated systems

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"The issue is "Trusting Trust",


I have suggested that if you really wanted to do this you'd have to start with a processor IS of your own design (built of parts too simple to hide a processor in), hand assemble an open source assembler, then have built the tool (open source) tool chain from there.

Which just sounds exhausting

Because it is. :-(

Doing a security, anti virus or encryption company properly starts with where it's legally based, since it's clear that many governments no longer seem to accept that strong AV/Security/Encryption benefits the 99.75%* of the population much more than the 0.0025% of potential terrorists.

*MI5 stated a few years ago they had 1500 potential terrorist suspects they were watching, in a country of 60 million people IE 0.0025%. It's unknown how many (if any) did attempt to commit a terrorist act.

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