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How do you know that your Network Card isn't compromised and lying to you?

I don't. If the chipset is compromised then it's game over - but then if I'm facing an adversary with that level of resource then it's game over in any feasible scenario. The point is I know that Win10, anything Google and assorted other stuff will phone home with my data given half a chance. The fact that controlling that also stops other malware is just a useful side effect.

In any case, given RIPA, European Arrest Warrants and "USA, World Police" extraditions, Russian snooping is way down my priority list. When did the Russians last seize a British security researcher at an airport, or attempt to extradite someone to Moscow based on probable cause established only in a Russian Court? Locking out GCHQ, the FBI and the NSA is far more important so, if I were to use any closed source AV (which I don't), it would likely be Russian or Chinese.

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