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> I guess no one thought about AV companies, etc.

Well they are, now.

The main difference is that in some countries, like the USA or UK - and many others - proof must be obtained before issuing this type of warning.

Had NSA or DHS/NCSC - here in the US - issued a warning about certain non-US <cough>Kaspersky</cough> AV software, world+dog of morons, incompetent fools, useful idiots and paid propaganda artists would have been up in arms about NSA being stupid and evil, suppressing freedom, whataboutism, etc, etc etc. And, predictably, that was the reaction when DHS/NCSC issued the order of removal in September this year.

I'm guessing the official line from the Internet Research Agency will now be that the UK's NCSC is stupid and evil, just like NSA? And they are biased against Kaspersky AV - who is pure and innocent like the driven snow - just like NSA? And they are suppressing freedom, just like NSA?

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