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Abolish the Telly Tax? Fat chance, say MPs at non-binding debate

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Clearly the entire "TV Tax" situation needs a radical overhaul...

It's no longer acceptable in this day and age to have people going around to peoples homes and enquiring if they have a TV set (or computer/tablet/smartphone etc) connected that can receive "live" broadcasts.

And all the luvvies who are scared that the quality of programming will suffer clearly don't recognise that there are many alternative methods of ensuring that the BBC gets some funding.

It can allow advertising (as it does on it's internet service to non UK viewers)

It can go encrypted and people pay to watch specific packages, similar to how Sky and Virgin do it

It can be funded from the Treasury (as long as the govt stay out of it)

It can be funded by the Lottery (or "any" lottery) - buy a ticket and maybe win 1 months/1 years free subscription

They can reduce the scandalous amount of money paid to celebs for fronting some of their programs...I'm sure there's lots of people who would be happy to stand in for some of these "presenters"....and I'm not sure many of them call themselves "journalists" as they used to..!!

They could digitise all of their back catalogue and make it available as "pay per view" online - they were going to do this, but someone messed up and spent a lot of TV Licence money on some hare-brained scheme that was too difficult to implement.


There are plenty of other options....just need someone to come up with a plan and actually implement it so that Crapita are cut out of providing their "services"...

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