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A very erudite reply and well said.

It is nice that the luddites that were downvoting every pro EV post in site a few days ago are taking a day off (perhaps I am speaking too soon but what the heck)

I'm about to get in my PHEV and do the weekly shop then head out to do the Christmas shopping and I may well not use a drop of Fossil fuel.

The car was charged by yesterdays sun falling on my house when it was plugged in. (I was up in London breating in all those horrid Diesel Fumes to attend a frankly useless meeting but I went by Electric Train so all was not lost)

I get all my Grid Electricity (and 12% of my Gas) from renewable sources.

My driving a car with an electric motor does NOT move the pollution from the tailpipe to the power station. That myth was frankly debunked years ago but gets brough up every so often by the likes of the Koch Brothers in the USA and Trump himself with all that crap about clean coal.

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