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Re: Need to seperate casting and counting of ballots

A friend and I have discussed this very thing multiple times. 'ELECTONIC' voting should be two simple steps.

1) Go to touch kiosk, select your choices, when complete printer attached prints your votes in text and barcode/target.

2) Review paper and take it to agent at scan station, who scans it in, verifies it and you leave. If you goof paper goes in the shredder, and you start over.

Paper is maintained on site/whatever until the results are finalized.

Basically the current cardboard pen setup, just printed reliably on regular 8x11 or a4. You secure the scanner/hopper/counter machine/paper as appropriate. At the end of the day you re-scan the paper to validate. NO Exceptions! Recounts are by rescan only. Codes/targets on paper can have enough ECC info to prevent faulty reads.

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