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Who would want a Tesla anyway?

There are some youtubers who are actually enjoying their Tesla's and sharing their experiences, but if you see what they have to endure then I sincerely wonder who in their right mind would buy this crap. Someone mentioned that his front window has been replaced 3 times because the window for some reason heavily changed the focus within random sections of the window. One moment you see it clear, the next moment you see things distorted. The heck?

Then he shows us the side. There's a plastic strip going from front to back, but as soon as you reach the backseat doors the strip suddenly shifts by a few centimeters.

You can easily find this on youtube yourself. The worst part: the guy actually likes the car and he's not even negative about Tesla (I would be!) but right now hopes that his problems will get fixed.

I've had a few cars myself, but I have never had my frontview window replaced 3 times in a row.

Do you really get what you pay for?

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