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The English speaking world outside the USA may be interested to know that until the last decade or so, in NY and many other states, paperless voting was the norm. This was due to those famous voting machines that made it so easy to vote the "straight party ticket". Without going into too much detail, you set various small levers set against a table of candidates on the front of the machine, then pulled a big lever in front of you crosswise. This simultaneously added your votes to the various internal counters, cleared the levers you had set, and opened the curtain that concealed your actions. For the parties there were special levers that set the votes for all their candidates at once.

After that the election functionaries would read off and report in the various counts, presumably handwritten, and the results would famously be announced in a short time that left staid old British electioneers scratching their heads that such things were possible. How could America call the race for President faster than Billericay could announce its famous first result? Well there was a lot less counting and adding to be done, for one thing. On the other hand, it was putting a lot of trust in local election officials and the people they reported to.

Paper trail? What paper trail?

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