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Germany says NEIN to purchase incentive for Tesla Model S

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Automotive manufacturers do all kinds of questionable things to get out of regulation. I used to work for one in the Bill of Materials team and they had options that don't cost the customer any extra. You may think it's something like paint, or a different type of body kit, but no. It's things like engine covers, and insulation to block sound. Parts which the company removes before going to get it officially weighed.

There were many minions like I who questioned whether it is legal and were told all companies do it, and this was soon after dieselgate so no lessons learnt. I also asked if it was possible for a customer to say "I don't want those even though it won't cost me any extra ", but I doubt they would be able to buy a car without them. I wouldn't mind going in and asking for one without but I don't have a spare £60k+.

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