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I would immediately close the browser window and never go back to that site.

Problem is, one day you may not have a choice but to never go back to that site, or many others.

Advertising kinda works, but as more and more people get sick of ads and find blockers, advertising gets less effective.

Hosting sites costs money, although widespread fibre is making home based hosting faster - but there are significant security considerations.

As advertising dies (Yay!) there'll have to be other ways for sites to pay their way. Some will use paywalls, some will use donations, many will disappear. We may soon find a situation where much of the web requires some form of payment to proceed.

I'd love it if El Reg were to do something like this, and a few of other sites I like. I'd happily keep a tab open for each, let them mine to their hearts content (well, as much CPU as they can get from me anyway). )

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