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I don't agree with you Pete, I was talking to the guys on the maintenance team where I work, most of them like the large screen end of phones. While they are concerned about camera quality because they use them, they seem to be more impressed with the chip set and ram, how fast the thing will be and the amount of storage on board. They all use their phones for music and photos, use whatsapp interminably, filling up the storage with work and private stuff.

I was surprised that a bunch of painters, plumbers and electricians were so discerning but most of them had done their homework and knew what they wanted and were looking for.

On the pixel side of things, there is a big difference between 4 and 20 MP though few phones seem to go to 20, 13MP seems to be almost standard at the moment on phones that I have looked at, whereas when I bought my last phone a bit over 3 years ago 8MP seemed to be the norm. There is a big improvement on my old 8MP compared to the new 13MP.

Sensor size is important as well as the drivers for it but people seem to know that too, the numbers are important but they have to be in context to impress a lot of folks now.

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