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Hey girl, what's that behind your Windows task bar? Looks like a hidden crypto-miner...

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Unfortunately, I have noticed the speed gain in 57. Maybe its not huge but the fact that it is noticable at all says quite a lot. So I'm reluctant to go back to old Firefox.

As such, I am pretty much looking for something else other than NoScript as I'm not overly confident that they will be able to turn it back into a user friendly interface. The old "trusted/untrusted/default to untrusted/temporarily allow" combination was intuitive and easy. I taught my mother to use it in 5 minutes with ease (and it has sense saved me a ton of malware call-outs!). But this new Version - where trusted doesnt really mean trusted it means trusted to do certain things and maybe only on https or maybe not, and untrusted does not necessarily mean untrusted and Default can mean something else entirely. My mother is not going to understand why she should (for example) allow scripts, but not fetchs. I'm all for giving advanced users and those who want fine grained controls to have them in the advanced Options, but forcing that on every day users. gahh...

Sorry end rant... ;)

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