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Design Opportunity

If we are forced to carry these ugly great things around, maybe we could rethink the design back to the old fashioned desktop telephone with a seperate handset; not a headset. Something along the lines of Nintendo switch controllers. When unplugged from the base they cleverly unfold to a length and angle that covers the gap from ear to mouth. (C'mon Jony Ives get your magic markers out)

The 'handset' unit when docked leaches a bit of charge from the phablet to keep it's charge level. When a call comes in simply slipping the handset off the base connects the call and activates the link between the two.

No dial option on the handset just a On hook Off hook button. Also solves the problem of looking something up on the 'phone' while you'r using it without going to speakerphone mode.

(Proud owner of a 4" Samsung S4 mini)

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