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Business model?

This is probably going to get me downvoted to hell, but I just want to explore the idea...

We're all sick of adverts on our websites. We all hate ads and the free-to-play model in our mobile apps and games. But the fact remains that devs, hosting, content providers and all the other resources do need to be paid for, which leads us to where we are now.

What if on a website, alongside the "this site drops cookies" message, there is another notification, something like "this site needs to pay its way, so rather than put up a paywall or bombard you with ads, 10% of your processing power will be used to mine crypto - using the site means you agree to this". Or a similar message on the start screen of an app, with the possibility of increasing CPU allocation used for mining in place of currency-based in-app purchases.

What if someone tried to use this as a legitimate business model? Rather than having to hide behind pop-under windows, be up-front and say "hey, we're doing this so you don't have to pay or deal with crappy ads!"

Colour me curious...

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