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Top of screen makes most sense. I have my programs menu and running applications panel there on autohide and autowidth. Less easily triggered visible as it's near title bars. I have autohide panels on the three other edges:

Left: Local look up stuff / management (Calibre, Control panel, Filemanager)

Right: Remote stuff (FTP/SFTP, Browsers, email, Shh, chat etc)

Botttom: Like applications, it has status (CPU, Keyboard state, Network state, USB manager, Bluetooth etc).

Easy to do on Mint + Mate and save for all users. Windows has become horrible with its pinning and unreadable flat icons and poor customisation, like back to Windows 1.0 and 2.0. The 3.11 was better, you could even make a desktop window like a pinned taskbar menu!

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