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The original "task bar" (start menu) in Windows was designed to be at the top of the screen however I understand that Microsoft Legal stepped in as this could have caused them some serious problems if manufacturers of other OSes complained. There may also have been design considerations where menus were stacked together, as in the OS shell menu and an application menu however as the task bar was designed to be very different to an application windows's title bar I don't really see this as an issue.

It was almost certainly a last minute change and as a result of this, and doubtless and bit of obstinancy, it was possible from the outset to put the menu back in the designed location, the top of the screen, even if the default was set to the bottom.

When you think about the original Windows start menu being located at the top of the screen it makes considerable more sense as the first thing on the start menu really shouldn't be shut down as this was entirely the reverse of common sense and all existing menus. The All Programs folder would have been at the top and Shutdown/Exit at the bottom which also made a lot more sense.

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