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Hey girl, what's that behind your Windows task bar? Looks like a hidden crypto-miner...

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Re: Finally, a reason to move the task bar

"Actually, a taskbar will be of help here since it can make you aware a browser window's still open."

a good point. There may be a way to have it display "iconless" though. I haven't tried. But if it's a top level window, it will most likely be in any task bar that has icon windows listed in it.

I run Mate with the upper panel having the CPU monitor in it. If I see unusual CPU activity, I typically kill that application and re-start it. Usually it's Firefox, due to garbage collection and being left open on 7 virtual desktops with 20 or 30 tabs for days or weeks on end. Sometimes it's something else. but if you see consistently high CPU usage, it's often a problem with the application. And if it's bitcoin mining, THAT would put a stop to it REALLY QUICK.

That, and running 'NoScript'.

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