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the reason for insanity

or at least contributing greatly to it, is to see the content, FUD and hype pushed by those outfits with the most to lose by changes in the rules. If your target audience is ill informed tweens, entitled college brats, crazy cat ladies and political echo chamber fans, then you're gonna do all you can to rile them up so you don't have to risk any decrease to your profit margins. The lowest on the information totem-pole are inundated with End of the World claims. People who cry and scream about the wrong liar getting elected, are gonna cry and scream when told their cat videos will go away if Evil Corporate Cable gets their way.

Cable people are busy watching shows, and bypassing commercials. They don't get blasted with Fear Uncertainty and Doubt as much as push-news and "trending algorithms" will do so for the Social Media crowd. Emotion wins if you scare people enough, even if its all BS.

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