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The error in that argument is it somehow supposes you can regulate ISPs *or* ad networks, but not both. Which is clearly not at all true.

It's perfectly reasonable to point out that Google et. al. are hardly *disinterested* backers of NN. And it's perfectly reasonable to point out that there are areas of behaviour by Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. that are highly questionable.

But the reasonable conclusion is not "...therefore we must not regulate ISPs", it's "therefore we must regulate all problematic cases of anti-competitive behaviour".

If Pai's position was "look, there's a bigger picture here, it's not OK to regulate ISP behaviour while ignoring how Google, Amazon and Facebook abuse their dominance in their markets, so we're forming a partnership with the FTC and anti-trust regulators to come up with a comprehensive plan for defending the interests of the consumer when dealing with all these Internet giants", *THAT* would be an interesting and supportable position.

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