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Would you have root in linux with no password ?

Every Linux distro I've installed has asked you to set a root p/w. Never checked if you can leave it blank during install. Even if you can't leave it blank at that stage, it's possible to set a null p/w later. Either way, if you end up with a null p/w for root, it's because you deliberately chose to have it that way. You can't have a null root p/w by accident, or simply by doing nothing as you install the system.

And no, I wouldn't set a null root p/w deliberately. That would be crazy. I have a somewhat warped mind but I cannot conceive of any circumstance, no matter how bizarre, in which I would legitimately (no criminal intent) want a null root p/w (feel free to prove your mind is more warped than mine by coming up with one).

I remember the time DEC persuaded me that remote diagnostics were a great idea and that I should have one of those new-fangled modem dooberries. They said I could ensure it would only pick up when I was around to allow them in (which was true). We gave it a try. They told me they couldn't get in with FIELD/SERVICE (those standard superuser accounts had their passwords changed as the very first thing I did on that box) and would I mind changing it back. I gave them a hell of a bollocking over that one. Got a free curry out of it by way of an apology. If they'd suggested I leave the p/w blank on the FIELD account I'd have nuked them from orbit. Null password for superuser accounts? No fucking way.

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