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"2. What services will suffer as a consequence of the loss of net neutrality? If a more lucrative end of the Internet will cost more, will the ISP throttle the bandwidth so that the connections become slower? That is, if you want faster Internet connections, you have to pay for it?"

In principle, ANY internet endpoint without the money to pay for its own distribution is at risk.

In principle, in fact, some non-favored-by-ISP endpoints are at risk of having no distribution at any price.

That means ANY internet forum run by amateurs for amateurs to discuss their interests.

ANY website collecting, for instance, freely available software or documentation.

ANY local organization who want a web presence for their members.

ANY mailing list whose traffic an ISP doesn't like for some reason.

Making the argument into Comcast vs Google is beggaring the question by assuming the internet is NOTHING BUT a top-down commercial entertainment distribution system.

With net neutrality, amateurs have a presence. Without net neutrality, it's money all the way down.

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