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Google Maps? no

Google Earth? no (bought in)

YouTube (bought in)

Android (bought in, Davik/apps is basically desktop JVM/Java because they could only get cut down Mobile Java licence)

Chrome Browser? no

Chrome OS, Google Docs: me too Cloud products with hidden costs.

Hangouts, GMail, Google Groups, Talk, Video: Me Too stuff offered for free.

Google's "AI" is just 1980s Expert Systems with so called "Neural Networks" to make adding human curated data easy. More hype than solution. Still no decent grammar & spelling checker any better than mid 1980s. OK Google is simply 1990s voice recognition moved to cloud and added to text search engine + updated Eliza.

Search used to be really good, but they weren't first and the ones killed off were more honest than Google's current "bookmark" plus client advert polluted results.

Streetview WiFi slurp was no accident. Not needed now due to Chrome Browser, Android and ChromeOS.

So which field have Google entered and solved the problems?

I've been using "personal" computers since before IBM PC and Computers as a user & programmer earlier. Professional programming & IT services since 1980.

Self Driving cars are still an experiment. Their AI medical system might be a ploy to steal data, the UK data was illegally obtained. Is it really AI at all? See IBM and Medical AI.

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