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Net neutrality nonsense: Can we, please, just not all lose our minds?

Jonathan Schwatrz


"....Comcast..... we support net neutrality and we won't block, slow or throttle your internet, we promise...." Seriously, having suffered Comcast's appallingly patchy "high-speed" internet service, I'm curious as to how they could actually make it slower!?! Not unless they intend to make non-premium users suffer by making them call the infamous Comcast customer (dis)service lines.

As to the idea that the new incumbent of the Whitehouse is going to favour the telecoms, you must have missed Trump's sticking his oar in over AT&T's purchase of Time (because the deal includes CNN, aka The Clinton News Network), nor his bile for MSNBC (owned by the very Liberal-minded Comcast). Indeed, Trump recently went to bat for Google and Facebook in the EU, which suggests the opposite.

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