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> high speed internet is valuable to them; throttling could easily backfire

There are many areas in the US where there is only one broadband provider. For example, New York City. In Manhattan, it's Spectrum - née Time Warner Cable. The other boroughs have only one broadband provider as well.

How would throttling traffic or paid prioritization backfire on Spectrum - née Time Warner Cable? As there is no alternative provider, there is no competition. That's a monopoly. What do Spectrum's customers do? What incentive does Spectrum have to listen to its customers' concerns?

In the age of alternative facts, Spectrum won't even have to admit to throttling or paid prioritization, even if it did implement it. They would call it traffic management and that would be the end of the discussion.

The whole notion of an unregulated monopoly holding their customers' best interests at heart is simpy laughable.

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