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Yep. Camera is the very, very last of my priorities in getting a phone.

How much does it cost? Number one, top priority.

Can it make phone calls? Pretty essential in a phone.

Does the design screw up the sensitivity of the antenna if you hold it wrong (or even if you hold it right)? Coverage is rather patchy and intermittent where I am, so I want a sensitive antenna.

How long does the battery last?

How heavy is it?

How big is it?

Does it do intertoobz stuff?

How rapidly does it get updated after an OS fix is released?

How many years of OS updates can I expect?

Oh, it has a camera. Does it have a camera flash that can double as a flashlight to save me carrying around a flashlight on dark nights?

Is the camera any good? I don't really care, but if I'm comparing models and they are about the same on the other items, I might as well go for the one with the better camera.

Sadly, all El Reg seems to focus on is the camera.

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