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"it's been said that statistically., many suicide attempts are "cries for help", ie they do it in such a way that they are discovered and saved. Not so much if they choose an "instant death" method such as a gun, so I'd think that areas of high gun ownership would likely result in higher "successful" suicide rates since those people are are not exactly thinking straight in most cases. "
Almost right. The best quick suicide weapon is a shotgun through the roof of the mouth. Lesser calibre weapons are not so effective and don't even think about a .22. Chemical methods frequently fail because the human body can be quite tolerant of high doses of potent drugs such as opiates that work by suppression of breathing. Very often they merely damage the brain of the would-be suicide leaving them in a worse state than before. Ditto for insulin which came as a bit of a surprise; writers of crime fiction have much to answer for.

It's a bad assumption to make that suicides are "not thinking straight". While it's the case that many suicides are down to depression, it's far from the case that all are. My own decision to terminate my life at a time of my choosing is entirely rational. As someone who has suffered depression in the past, I can say that I'm as undepressed as I have ever been and that the decision to terminate my own life was something of a relief.

In a nutshell, I suffer considerable pain from spinal stenosis (a form of osteoarthritis). There is no medical reason I need suffer this pain, but the law, doctors etc conspire to restrict my access to pain-relieving medication because junkies obtain pleasure by injecting these substances into their veins.

When the pain becomes unbearable I will cease eating and drinking, and I'm assured some two weeks after this will die. It's legal, effective and rates a 9 out of 10 for quality of death from those caring for the dying.

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