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Forget Sesame Street, scientists pretty much watched Big Bird evolve on Galápagos island

Hubert Thrunge Jr.

Phil Lord, apologies, a Great Dane vs Chihuahua is possible, they are dogs, they are "cross fertile" because they are no different in many ways than an Caucasian and an Afro-Caribbean. The issue is when you try to use a Great Dane dog vs Chihuahua bitch - and yes, it's been tried by mad people in the 'States. The other way around, a Great Dane bitch and Chihuahua dog would produce something, lord knows what.... I shudder to think, though the muppets that call their mongrels "Cockerpoos" and "Labradoodles" need correcting. It's a mongrel. It's not a new breed. Ask the Kennel Club, well try to....

The product of Horse & Donkey is a genetic dead end because Mules are usually generally sterile as they have 63 Chromosomes compared to the Horse having 64 and Donkey having 62. Not saying that they can't breed, but experience has shown it to be unlikely.

For any new "species" to be propagate, it must breed successfully within it's own "group".

Yes, biology is complicated. Put humans in abject squalor, with a 60" flat screen TV and the latest iPhone and see how well they breed....

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