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Huawei's Honor 9: The only mobe of its spec asking 'why blow £500?'

Chris 125

My old Honor 7 remains one of the most surprising phones I've ever had. I bought it as a bit of an emergency - I'd made a bad choice with an LG and needed something more capable without breaking the bank. I seem to remember that at about £170 used it was almost a straight swap for my LG in CEX. Metal chassis, fingerprint, and so much faster.

So good I got my daughter a 5X. Admittedly she broke the screen on that, but then again she breaks screen on everything and a new one was £25 and fitted in about 20 minutes.

Big fan of the Honor brand, but I can see why they hesitate with marketing. If this has the P10 chipset, premium features (metal chassis and fingerprint reader, for example) then who on earth is buying their more expensive handsets? Sadly I can see the price of these rising to protect the Huawei range.

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