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They are not killed by their own weapons they are killed by themselves using their own weapons.

That may be true for cases of people dealing with intruders. However, take a look at the suicide statistics. A lot of gun fatalities in the US are suicides.

Oh, and then there are the frequent cases when a child gets hold of the gun and accidentally kills somebody. Which reminds me of one of my uncles. Many years ago, long before drink-driving became illegal, some people drove home after a heavy night of boozing. My uncle was one such. One day I heard how his young son had somehow climbed into the car, released the handbrake, and it rolled downhill and caused damage to the car and whatever it hit. Only years later did I find out that "the kid did it" was the cover story told to the police and everyone else and what really happened was that my uncle did it after driving home pissed out of his skull. So I have my doubts about the veracity of the many stories of children accidentally firing guns and killing people.

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