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Half true. 1912 is correct.

There is a good sport in that across the ex-Soviet block by the way. A very good friend of mine was the reason why "Окръжно Номер 6" aka Order No 6 was removed in the 70-es from public display in the National History museum in Bulgaria. That document supposedly documents the decision of a congress of the Bulgarian Communist party to ramp up the "armed struggle" and attempt to take power in 1944.

The problem with it is same as with some of the Pravda issues from July/August 1917 as well as some of the decisions of the Central committee from that period - language and spelling. It could not have been written before the 1950-es.

So at some point in the 70-es a few people (mostly from outside Bulgaria) including the aforementioned friend of mine asked the rather obvious question: "Why does this document use spelling and language which was not around until 20 years later". Thankfully, they were in Bulgaria, not USSR. In USSR asking the corresponding question about 1917 Pravda issues or CK orders from that period would have worked them a nice excursion east into the forest. In Bulgaria, the document just disappeared from the public display and only its content was circulated in books, etc. With "updated spelling" and a footnote that "all documents have their spelling updated to the modern standard".

There is one thing which the 1984 history rewriting practitioners fail in again and again and again - linguistics. It takes 10 minutes for someone with knowledge of how the language changed over the years to catch them in their tracks and see through their subterfuge.

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