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Not quite true. Pravda has become the official newspaper of the bolshevik party in 1912, after the sixth party congress - well before the October 1917 revolution. Which, as any foole kno happened in November.

Half true. 1912 is correct.

The rest is a bit more complicated. Pravda became a subject to tug of war between warring fractions in 1917 with the anarcho-socialists more or less having control from August onwards. That is why Stalin and his goons were sent there to put thing in order a few weeks before the November revolt. In October. As a result Stalin missed the revolt altogether.

In the 30es Bubnov extensively rewrote and falsified the record as if Stalin was a RK member. That did not save him. His wife and daughter got the notice of him executed as an enemy of the state in 1939. When he in fact was still alive. Stalin had him shot a year later.

The Wikipedia article is part based on doctored evidence. All you need is to read some of it - it uses 1930-es Russian, not what was spoken and written in 1917

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