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"You pay Sky, but still have to suffer adverts on Sky channels

Please explain the value for money there?

That always baffled me about Sky."

This is a simple transaction. Sky offers what people want and people pay for it. Even with the downside of adverts it is not intrusive enough to be a problem. Even better than that sky gives you a way to skip the adverts by recording live TV. Can we imagine the same for the BBC? Tolerating it even with adverts and having to pay for it? I cant. When the BBC puts on its adverts its for more BBC crap I couldnt care less about vs various attempts to make me buy something I dont care about. At least the other channel has something worth watching.

"I'm sure many people regard Trident as pretty useless in terms of defence other than when it's a situation of global thermonuclear war"

I am sure some do. But that has nothing to do with the discussion with Pen-y-gors who seemed to be comparing the BBC to the defence of the country. As if the two were comparable.

*As for trident it is a bit off topic but I can see the argument for it. What I am still waiting on is the argument for the BBC.

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