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Not hugely surprised

Any mid to high end phone from the last 3 or 4 years, as long as it doesn't have an actual problem, is pretty much indistinguisable from the newest devices, bar say, camera quality.

Designs have stagnated hard, too. No landscape keyboard sliders, very few high end smaller devices, phones are dropping basic features people actually want (SD card slots, headphone jacks, removable batteries).. and so on. You can't even buy phones in the same line and expect features you used to have (Qi charging being dropped in the Nexus line).. etc, etc.

At least the obsession with absolute reduction in thickness has waned - that was just stupid, made devices harder to hold, and killed off battery life.

Now the obsession seems to be getting bezel size down to the point where any minor drop is guaranteed to break the phone. I guess that's a way to get people to buy new devices with features they were indfferent about.

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