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Phone fatigue takes hold: SIM-onlys now top UK market

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It's a shame Windows Phone is basically dead. Yesterday I played some games on my phone when I got up, used it for a full day of work, including probably an hour of calls. Then broke my leg. Then sat around in hospital until 3am, during which time I read some El Reg, sent many texts, made another few calls to people, took so huge swollen leg photos and arsed around online looking at the Ashes scoreline and some medical websites.

Interestingly one site about leg fractures was full of adverts for laxatives. Do I look like I'm in a fit state to run for the toilet right now? The other was all of ads for injury lawyers...

Anyway, when I finally fell into bed at 4am (having got up before 7) my battery was still on 50%.

Lumia 720. Cost £140. 3 years old.

The app store is shit, and that's one reason for using less power. But it's a good OS. Shame MS seemed to actively hate it.

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