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Phone fatigue takes hold: SIM-onlys now top UK market

anthonyhegedus Silver badge

I knew I'd get heavily voted down for my earlier comments, but I stand by what I said. These cloud services ARE accessible by the majority of users, and the do work. Google do it with their Pixel and Apple with iOS. And millions of people are buying phones without replaceable batteries, and they can't all be wrong. Any phone user I've met who doesn't use cloud storage and isn't 'tech-savvy' has at some point lost their photos, because they're stuck on some old phone somewhere and not backed up, or on a crappy SD card which died.

So instead of voting this down, look at where people are heading: It's cloud this, and cloud that so we might as well embrace it - it works!

The only way forward is to progress and if that means binning your ten year old piece of crap, then so be it.

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