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I was a "swappable battery diehard" for a long while, eking out an ageing S3. But having admitted defeat, and bought a new phone with a "sealed" battery, I find that the improved power management, and a 4000 mAh battery give me the better part of a week of light use, even with all capabilities enabled. And, if I do need to replace the battery because that fails (that could be a long wait on a weekly charging regime), it is a ten minute job using cheaply available tools.

Moreover, the phone cost £160. I accept it will only get at most a couple of years of updates - it will owe me very little if I did need to replace it then, although early indications are good, and the build quality is as good as any flagship phone I've handled.

For a few users, replacement batteries are genuinely important. But realistically, I'm guessing that's about 1% of the market.

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